12" Small (1/8") American Bubble Boy Bubble Wrap - 350 Square feet

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350 feet of official American Bubble Boy Bubble Wrap.

This is our small bubble-sized roll of bubble wrap, with 1/8" bubbles.

  • Square Feet - 350 Feet
  • Number of rolls in the set - 1
  • Barrier Bubble Technology - Nylon blend ensures minimal air loss and maximum cushioning
  • Perforated every 12" with a Cross-cut easy tear perforation for easy tear-off
  • Bubble Wrap is 12" tall
  • Bubble Size (always measured in height) - Small (1/8")
  • Contains Cardboard Core

American Bubble Boy's Small Bubble Wrap is a classic reborn.  The reduction of a peaked arch reduces the footprint from our classic Small Plus (3/16) Bubble Wrap to a 1/8 footprint while maximizing protection.   Chances are you may not even recognize the smaller bubble footprint when wrapping but rest assured it still contains our Barrier Bubble technology for air retention, EZ tear perforations for a simple tear, and the quality you have come to expect and love.