MyGo2 Stretch Wrap, 18" rolls, 80 Gauge Industrial Strength, 1500 feet per roll

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Introducing MG2 Stretch Wrap – your ultimate solution for all your packaging needs. Specifically designed at 18 inches, this high-quality 80-gauge stretch film is crafted to provide unmatched safety and stability for your items, whether you're securing pallets, boxes, or furniture.

Manufactured with precision using premium resin, MG2 Stretch Wrap is a standout in the realm of easily recyclable plastic products globally. Our state-of-the-art formulas not only make it more economical than alternatives like tape, twine, or strapping but also ensure that it adheres solely to itself, safeguarding your valuable furniture from any damage.

Beyond its superior performance, MG2 Stretch Wrap is an environmentally conscious choice. Manufactured with LLDPE, it stands among the most readily recycled plastics in America, making it a sustainable and responsible option for your packaging needs.

Follow our easy-to-use directions: secure one end of the plastic, place your hands in the central core, and start stretching. The result is a quick, efficient, and secure wrap that is not only durable and strong but also flexible, boasting substantial protrusion ability and industrial-strength reliability.